Manitoba Home Security Companies

Pay close attention to bylaw rules and annual permit costs listed below.    As with other locations,  your security system cannot contact the police department directly.  You need to ensure that a break in has occurred.

Home Security System Bylaws and Providers by City:


Winnipeg Alarm System Rules:

To have an audible or monitored alarm system in Winnipeg you must have a permit from the City of Winnipeg.

  • Alarm permits required for any alarm in the city (monitored or unmonitored)
  • Permits cost $20 for residential, $30 for businesses, expire in 4 years with a a $20 renewal
  • Alarm permits required for any alarm in the city (monitored or unmonitored)
  • Your permit is not transferable
  • You will receive an Alarm decal with your own code

When applying for your permit you are required to provide:

  • Audio Only Alarms: the names of 2 key holders to your house
  • Monitored Security Systems:  The monitoring companies name

National Security Companies Providing Winnipeg Service

Local Winnipeg Security Companies

Brandon Alarm System Rules

In Brandon, alarm permits are required for audible only and monitored alarms.

  • These permits do not expire,  but you must confirm that the system is within compliance each year
  • $100 file for each excessive false alarm  (Any false alarms greater than 4 a year
  • You must display your alarm permit sticker
  • More information from the city:  Brandon Alarm Rules (PDF)

Portage la Prairie

Security system permits are required, along with a displayed sticker/decal.

  • Alarm permits are free if they are received upon installation of the system,  or within 30 days of receiving a request for permit  (Otherwise $50)
  • $50 false alarm fee if greater than 3 occur of 1 year period
  • More information on Portage bylaws,  alarm permit application form:


Is Thompson “The most dangerous city in Canada” if so an alarm system should be a given.

  • Permits are $35.00,  and mandatory for all home security systems
  • Permits must be displayed on windows or door to be visible from the outside
  • Holder must provide 2 contact persons at different locations,  police may contact these individuals if an audible alarm has been triggered
  • Audible alarms must shut off after 15 minutes
  • More on Thompson’s alarm permit laws