Alarm Monitoring and Home Security for Canadians

At we know the importance of having a safe home.   What began as personal research to find the best alarm system, resulted in comprehensive project looking at all aspects of home security.

We breaks down these safety steps.    A secure home is something everyone deserves.

Protecting Your Home

Choosing the right monitored home security system is a one of the vital steps in home safety.

Too many consumers make a hasty decision based on door-to-door salesperson, or an advertisement that shows up in the mailbox.  This can result in a system that is too expensive, has a long lease, isn’t part of a complete home security solution, and isn’t sufficient for your house.

It is easy to get trapped into an over-priced monitoring service lease, but knowing all of your alarm options provides you the chance to maximize your savings and get the correct level of protection for your home.

We address the tough questions:

Home Safety Guides

The best safety solutions mean your security and fire alarms are never even triggered for any reason other than testing.  Deterring burglars, preventing fires, and never having to call 911 is the goal.   Put together a comprehensive plan that is not just reactive, but proactive.

  • A complete home safety strategy designed to protect your property and most importantly your family
  • Home security checklist
  • Making fire safety a priority
  • Burglary prevention
  • Choosing the best security system for your home and ensuring you pay a fair price
  • Home fire prevention
  • The newest threat of computer related crime such as  identity theft

You deserve safety, and you deserve the peace of mind that a safe home brings.