Chubb Security Systems : Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Chubb Security Systems offers nationwide alarm monitoring in Canada. They each province and territory, and having offices located in each province except Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Chubb’s Monitoring Technology

Chubb focuses on traditional landline monitoring, with a cellular backup feature.

Alarm Packages

Chubb offers 4 standard package offerings, each of which can be customized.

  • Concord Express
    • Wireless system for an easy install
    • includes a key fob to arm / disarm the system
    • Works with most required sensors including:
      • Motion Detectors
      • Intrusion Detectors
      • Glass Breakage
      • Flood detection
      • CO detectors
    • Popular residential solution
  • Concord Hybrid
    • Hardwired and wireless alarm system
    • More sophisticated version of the of the Concord Express.  Allows 8 hardwired zones, and 68 wireless zones.
  • Monitor Qx
    • Simple electronic key to activate and deactivate the system
    • up to 8 zones
    • straight forward monitoring system, doors / windows and motion detector
  • Simon
    • Uses the common GE Simon control panel
    • 24 zones
    • Activation / Deactivation Keyfob
    • Wireless system for easy install

Other systems are available; different options like electronic key, temperature sensors, and light sensors can be purchased.

Video Monitoring and Services, CCTV, Card Access, IP Monitoring are also options, as well as monitoring off site, personal alerts, biometrics, specialized video surveillance, infant monitoring, CO2 detection, and fire and smoke detection.

Chubb’s monthly costs are not available on the website.  Given the format of the webpage, it seems that Chubb has a wide variety of components that can be purchased in a custom security system.

Chubb Security Systems monthly fee can be researched by going to their webpage above and clicking on the province in question.  They do not have a centralized 1-800 number for sales inquiries.  Chubb Security Systems quotes must be researched by calling local numbers.

Chubb Security Systems monitoring serves home security system consumers. in all provinces with the exception of P.E.I.

Chubb is a part of United Technologies’ UTC.  They are associated with brands such as Kidde, Onity, Verex and Lenel.

Chubb was started in 1818, while Edwards began in 1872.