Intercon Security – ADT Advanced Integration

ADT Advanced Integration / Intercon Security alarm monitoring has a broad range of services.  They provide corporate services, including specialty needs, electronic protection, investigation, armed guards and executive protection.

ADT Advanced Integration / Intercon Security monitoring can take over existing systems.

They do provide maintenance contracts as well as mobile services, including patrols and alarm response.

Security guards are also an option, both on a permanent basis and short-term basis.

Finally, of course security systems (monitored) are quoted.  There are special systems, intrusion, IP, CCTV and access control.

ADT Advanced Integration / Intercon Security prices can be found out if you contact them directly.  From the information available on their website, all packages are based on individual components.  In other words, everything is custom-quoted.  There are no special packages.

Even if you telephone for a quote for the ADT Advanced Integration / Intercon Security monthly fee, you may be put through to a voice mail, which means you have to give out personal information.  They do not advertise their monitoring fee.

ADT Advanced Integration / Intercon Security quotes can be asked for online, please review the quote form.

ADT serves all of Canada.

They have their own web-based system called ISM Web that is a program using advanced software.  It produces a monthly summary of reports from security officers, indications of missing persons and wanted criminals, as well as an index of incidents.

They have been in business for 35 years.