Home Safety Checklists and Guides

HomeSecuritySystems.ca is putting all of our home safety guides online.  Choosing a monitored alarm is part of,  but far from a complete home safety solution.

Home Fire Safety Guide

Preventing fires, and making plans in case a fire strikes your home.

Burglary Prevention Guide

Our break-in prevention guide details how to deter criminals from targeting your property, and preventing those who target it from successfully entering your home.

A Starting Home Security Checklist

This is a starting guide of straight forward tasks you take to make your home safer.

Choosing Alarm Monitoring

Different homes and different families have different requirements when it comes to monitoring.  Land line monitoring may not work for you if getting the cable snipped is a concern,  whereas cell monitoring may not work due to your network coverage.  This guide helps you break down the differences between the various forms of alarm monitoring.