Alberta Alarm Permits and Security Companies


In Calgary the homeowner/resident with the system is required to contact the Calgary Police Department to register their alarm.

  • It is free to register your alarm
  • False alarm fee of $75.00, multiple false alarms can result in a suspension
  • Fines can reach a staggering amount up to $10,000!
  • 2 Key holders are required for each alarm permit
  • Calgary Alarm permit application


  • Each alarm holder needs to register with the Police Department
  • Non expiring permit is $30,  this is non-transferable
  • False alarm fine is $75
  • Police only attend alarms that have been verified,  an incident must be confirmed before responding

Red Deer

  • All alarms must be registered with the City.
  • Residential permits are $25
  • Audible alarms must shut off after 15 minutes
  • $20 fines for false alarms


Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat’s bylaws are geared towards reducing the number of false alarms tying up valuable police time.

  • All security systems must be registered with the city
  • Alarm permit form (PDF)
  • Fines can be issued for false alarms
  • All homeowners should confirm a burglary or incident before contacting the police.  This is generally done in coordination with the alarm monitoring company.