AAA Alarm Systems – Home Security System Packages

AAA Alarm Systems is wholly owned by MTS and is focused on home security systems, all of which require monitoring contracts.  They have been operating since 1962 out of Winnipeg, and have an office in Brandon as well,  AAA is owned by MTS.  Most deals with AAA are based on being a subscriber to other MTS services.

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AAA Alarm Packages

Each AAA package includes the basics:

  • a security sign
  • a newsletter
  • decals for doors and windows
  • customer support
  • full monitoring

AAA Entry Package:

  • Honeywell 6149EX Control Panel covering 6 zones
  • 3 wired door/window sensors
  • 1 wired  motion detector
  • 1 siren

AAA Basic Package:

  • 2 wired  Motion Detectors
  • Honeywell 6150 Control Panel covering 6 zones
  • 3 wired window/door sensors
  • 1 indoor Siren
  • Package upgrade available including a 1 photo electric monitored smoke detector

AAA Wireless Package  : Non Intrusive installation

  • Honeywell 6150RF Control Panel with Key Fob  covering 8 zones
  • 1 Wireless  motion detector
  • 3 window/door sensors

AAA High Res. Colour Touchscreen

  • Honeywell 6272CV – High Resolution Touchscreen Control panel (available in silver, black or white)
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 3 window/door sensors

Each package can be supplemented by additional There are other packages (at additional cost) that include:

  • more motion detectors
  • the wireless option
  • additional keyfob
  • color touchscreen
  • smoke detectors

How much do these packages cost?

The Entry Level package starts at $259 installed.  This can be reduced if you are an existing MTS customer and wish to bundle it with your other service.  There are also $100 installation discounts and coupons that are released seasonally.

Monitoring is $21 monthly,  and can be lowered to $19.50 with quarterly prepayment.

If you wish to include AAA’s Guard Service, which sends a security guard to check out the exterior of your residence when AAA receives a signal this costs an additional $3 a month.     AAA can also install a AAA lockbox on your property that will contain a key for the guard to enter your house.

Does AAA use Landline, Cellular, or Broadband Monitoring?

The default for all systems is POTS (Plain old telephone  system) or landline based.    This is a limitation for many consumers that have abandoned land lines in favour of cell only lifestyles.  AAA offers a package upgrade for cellular / GSM monitoring.  This requires:

  • $225 Cellular GSM Transmitter
  • $7 increase in monthly monitoring price ($28 monthly cost, as opposed to $21 for a landline)


Can I use my existing alarm system with AAA Alarms?

Yes,   AAA can activate alarm systems from almost any company out there.  If you have an alarm system from another company they can send out a technician who can reprogram your panel so that AAA monitors your system.  Not all companies will provide this service.   There is a fee associated with this,  but this will be less than your new package costs.

What areas does AAA Alarms cover?

AAA Alarm Systems serves only Manitoba, and are associated with MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services).  AAA’s head office is in Winnipeg, and has an office in Brandon.

AAA Alarm Systems monitoring has been operational since 1962.