Home Security Tips

Don’t make it easy for prospective criminals.  You can lower your risk by following some straight forward home security steps.

  • Always change the locks when moving to a new home or apartment.  In the case of apartments you will need to consult with your landlords.
  • Keep your front door locked at all times
  • If you choose to have your front door open for air circulation,  make sure your screen door is locked.
  • Criminals may knock on the door to see if the home is empty.  Never ignore the knock.
  • Keep garage doors locked at all times.  This is very important for attached garages that allow direct access to your house.
  • Use a peephole instead of a chain lock.  Chain locks can easily be overpowered.
  • If you must leave a window open,  make sure the window is inaccessible,  or locked to prevent someone from entering through it.
  • Keep ladders secure.  This will keep ladders away from burglars who may use them to enter via the second story.
  • All second story windows should be closed when you are not home.  This will prevent easy access via ladders or fences.
  • Hedges should be trimmed to prevent cover for criminals.
  • Keep your property well lit to deter criminals
  • Keep sentimental items in a well hidden place place.
  • Keep your car locked at all times, even in the garage.
  • Keep your bike locked at all times,  even in the garage.
  • Discretely dispose of  TV, stereos or computer equipment  boxes. Fold the cardboard box inside out before placing in the garbage or recycling bin.
  • Don’t allow strangers into your home, often homes will be “cased”
  • Know your neighbours,  this can serve as a neighbourhood watch.
  • Make sure that your home always looks like people are home.  This means making sure the mail is picked up, the walk or driveway is shovelled and the lawn is cut.