Saskatchewan Security and Alarm System Providers


In Saskatoon,  alarm permit fees are handled by the home security company.  This cost is passed on to the homeowner either by monthly fees, or one time cost.   The advantage for residents is that the alarm provider will handle all annual permit renewals.

  • The Alarm company provides police information on the resident/homeowner
  • The $25 annual permit fee is paid by the service provider for each home or apartment monitored


Home security companies in Regina must register alarms for all home installations.  These registrations include:

  • Owner’s contact information
  • Any dangerous conditions that the fire department or police need to be aware of.
  • Monitoring Company contact information
  • Landlord information if applicable

These registrations / permits expire and must be renewed at the end of each calendar year.  There is no fee to register an alarm location.

Prince Albert

Alarm permits are required in PA.  An annual permit costs $25.   These dues are payable directly to the alarm monitoring company,  the police will only respond to all alarm signals, but there is a $100 fine applied if there is no permit.

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw requires all monitored alarm systems are registered with the Police Service.    The fee is charged directly to the alarm company that will be contacted by the security monitoring company.   Moose Jaw runs strict false alarm rule,  only two are allowed per year,  after that there will be a fee for each false alarm.

Additional Saskatchewan Cities

We are compiling alarm companies and city by-laws for each city/town with alarm rules in place.