Reliance Protectron : Home Alarms and Monitoring

Reliance Protectron is a Montreal based National  security provider.  They serve each Canadian province with home and commercial security systems through their dealer network,  and are the dominant home security provider in Quebec.    They now offer cellular/GSM based systems as well as ones that use the traditional phone-line.

UPDATE:  As of April 30, 2014 Reliance Protectron has been acquired by ADT.   We will update the rates on this page as rates and service offerings change,  but reviewing the ADT Canada services, costs and fees should serve as a good predictor for future rates and offerings from Protectron.

Security System Options:  How much does Reliance Protectron Cost

All of Protectron’s systems are based on signing a 60-month/5-year  contract (or agreement as they say).   This agreement is longer than most you see for alarm system,  standard contracts from ADT for example are 36 months,   and many companies allow you to purchase your equipment and work without a contract.

As always call for exact offers, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.  But our price estimates are based on calls from several current and prospective customers.

Standard Land-line based Alarm

  • Internally Wireless system  (all communication within the system is wireless, no drilling / wiring required)
  • Uses your land/phone line
  • Includes the following devices:
    • 1 Keypad
    • 1 Motion Detector
    • 3 Door/Window contacts
    • 1 Smoke Detector
  • How much does this standard system cost:
    • $100 installation cost
    • $33.95 per month for monitoring
    • based on a 60 month contract

Cellular/GSM Based Alarm

A wiser approach if you live in an area with cellular coverage.  The cellular GSM system does cost slightly more, but this can be offset by not having a land-line.  One additional reason to go with the cellular solution is the home automation functionality.

  • Does not require a land/phone line, uses its own internal cell phone to communicate with the central station
  • Devices included are the same as the landline based system:
    • 1 Touchscreen keypad
    • 1 Motion Detector
    • 3 Door/Window contacts
    • 1 Smoke Detector
  • System Pricing:
    • Free install
    • $44.95 per month
    • 60 month contract required

Upgraded Cellular/GSM system including a  KeyFob:

  • All of the features listed above
  • Includes a Keyfob to enable / disable the system from your keychain
  • Upgraded Cellular System Pricing:
    • $324 System Install cost
    • $39.99 per month
    • 60 month contract required

Home Automation Features: Go Control System

With the cellular based system Protectron has added home automation functionality to system owners using any computer with web access as well as an iPhone/iPad, Blackberry or Android based device.   The basic features you will get with this system are:

  • Text message alerts from the alarm
  • Ability to activate or deactivate the alarm remotely
  • Real time updates on system access

When you get additional device from Protectron such as an integrated video camera it will enable remote streaming from your house.

Getting Quotes from Protectron

If you call them up for a price on the “sample system” mentioned above, they will not give you a price.  It is mandatory to give your name, address and phone number.  Their preferred method of communication/sales involves them arranging an appointment and sending an installer out to your home.

Certifications and Associations

Reliance Protectron Security Services monitoring boasts of being CSAA certified.  They are also ULC certified.

They are also members of several organizations, including Le Regroupement des Cabinets do Courtage d’Assurance du Quebec, Remax Quebec, Block Parents of Quebec, Les Industries Bonneville, The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, partner of APCHQ, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and the National Bank of Canada.

Reliance Protectron was incorporated in 1988.  The headquarters are in Montreal.