ProTELEC Home Security and Alarms

ProTELEC Limited alarm monitoring  has cell phone alert, low temperature alarms, water sensors, smoke detectors, and pet immune burglar alarm products.  ProTELEC also has remote arming, away, sleep and home modes, electronic verification, danger indication via the keypad, keypads that come in a variety of styles, glassbreak detectors, PIR detectors, door and window contacts, rising temperature sensors, smoke detectors, water sensors and carbon monoxide detectors.

ProTELEC’s Standard Home Security Package

  • $199 for the hardware, dependent on having a 3 year contract
  • This includes:
    • Keyfob
    • 1 PIR Motion detector
    • 3 door / window detectors
    • Control panel + keypad

Monthly Fees

ProTELEC Limited monthly prices vary based on package.   The Protelec Limited monthly fee varies, depending on your location.  For example, in Brandon, Manitoba it is $19.50 per month.  There is also a charge for installation.  The charge can be paid in full or in installments.  All Protelec Limited quotes are given via the phone number provided.

ProTELEC Limited serves Brandon, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta. Their footprint in Winnipeg is large and you see the installers trucks and signs across the city.

The station Protelec Limited monitoring uses is ULC listed.

ProTELEC has been in business since 1968.